The Research Alliance in Science and Engineering (RAISE)

at Northeastern University is the first student research group of its kind.

Through integrative education and collaboration between undergraduate chemistry students and faculty mentors, RAISE continues the teaching curriculum beyond the classroom and into the real world.


RAISE was founded in 2017 by Emily Navarette, COS '19, and Dr. Lykourinou following the redevelopment of the chemistry teaching curriculum.




We are engineering a system designed for the remediation of estrogenic contamination from groundwater and run off. 

Through green and inorganic chemistry coupled with electrolytic cells, our system will break down organic contaminants without introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.



Our Team

Dr. Vasiliki Lykourinou

Associate Teaching Professor

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Anna Schwarzweller

Civil Engineering '22

Lauren Murphy

Behavioral Neuroscience '23

Justin Choy

Biochemistry '22

Savanna Burchett

Chemical Engineering '23

Sarah Deighan

Biochemistry '22

Abe Berman

Chemical Engineering '23

Rachel Lines

Behavioral Neuroscience 




Emily Navarrete

Cell and Molecular Biology '19

Now pursuing a PhD at MIT!

Hugh Shirley Biochemistry '19 now at Harvard Medical School!